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The American Adventure

By on October 15, 2017
The American Adventure

Never heard of The American Adventure? This ultimate adventure will take teams on a cross-country scavenger hunt combined with a car rally. Each day your destination is part of the challenge! Wake up to your first clue as your Team exits the parking lot on a day filled with adventure, challenges and motorsport action combined into the ultimate adventure rally!

This year The America Adventure begins at the birthplace of American Motorsports…The Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis! Kicking off on the early morning of Wednesday, October 18th, from the 2.5 mile oval known as the Brickyard where the green flag will fly on the 2017 route!

THE STARTING LINE: Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Wen Oct 18, 8:00 am

THE FINISH LINE: New Orleans – Sat Oct 21, 12:00 Noon

WHAT YOU NEED: A Partner and A Car (any car will do)

HOW TO COMPETE: Solve clues to determine destination, compete in challenges

DO I NEED A FAST CAR: Nope, this won’t give an advantage, but you will look good!

WHO DOES THIS? Normal people who have time and energy to have fun!

WHAT DO I BRING? An internet linked smart device is suitable, with GPS maps and a camera…to record the adventure of a lifetime!

Update: Jeremiah and Kim Jackson are taking on the challenge and will be writing a piece for Road Rally eNews to share the adventure. Until then, you can also follow them on their adventure via this link to their Facebook page!

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