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Brexit Rally gives Brits chance to say good-bye to the EU

By on April 4, 2018
From the Journal by Larry EdsallBrexit Rally gives Brits chance to say good-bye to the EU

Brexit rally will visit all EU nations except for two island countries

You gotta love Brits with a sense of humor: Bespoke Road Rallies, which organizes serious events for classic cars around the world, has announced plans to exit the EU in style next year — The Great British Brexit Rally 2019.

Though designed for the British to bid farewell to what have been their fellow members of the European Union, the Brexit Rally will be a navigation fun run that will penalize speeding, and likely any other un-neighborly behavior, but will award as much as £25,000 ($35,000) to the car that drives the fewest miles while visiting all EU members (except the islands of Malta and Cyprus) over the course of 22 days.

Cars will carry GPS trackers and each car’s occupants are to post their day’s activities and encounters on social media in hopes of gaining “Spirit of the Event” points. There also will be a team competition should three cars choose to link their efforts.

The rally begins March 8, 2019, in Brussels and ends March 29 — England’s last day as an EU member — in Parliament Square, London.

“Brexit negotiations have sometimes been anything but harmonious, and our intention is for this fun event to return a degree of entente cordial to the relationship between Britain and the EU, while delivering a truly unique and memorable driving experience,” event organizer John Brigden is quoted in the Bespoke news release.

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