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ComeRoadRallywith.Us North American Calendar

We officially began in February 2013, yet groundwork was laid the fall of 2012. There was a need for the North American Road Rally Community to have a source for the listing of road rally events — no matter the sanctioning body. While, indeed, the Rallymasters of this page are members of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), you will find postings from community groups, local car clubs and national marque clubs as well.

The bad news? II am not a webaronni — this is all new to me and the learning curve has been fun, yet challenging with the other commitments of life. We have strived to get the Road Rally eNews out monthly and we have succeeded. We have many events on this site, not all may be visible to you at one time. This site will go live before February 15, 2016.

The good news? There are those who will support our efforts. We hope you will be one of them and that you will want to be a member of the community we are trying to build for North America’s Road Rally enthusiasts.

Safe travels, Rallygoddess