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SCCA Hall of Fame Needs YOU!

By on August 28, 2013

Road Rally Community Sought for Nominations to HoF Committee  – by Howard Duncan, Vice President, Rally/Solo and Special Programs

The time is here for SCCA members to begin submitting nominations for fellow members to be inducted into the SCCA National Hall of Fame for their impactful contributions to the development of the SCCA. Some of you may ask what is the SCCA Hall of Fame, why is this important to me or my sport of Road Rally, and how can I have any role in this??

The What – The “what” can be answered by visiting the SCCA web site to read about the purpose, process, and the past Inductees in the Hall of Fame: SCCA Hall of Fame Inductees.

The Why – The “why” can be partially answered by reviewing the list of Inductees as there are a number of folks that come from the SCCA Rally Community – Handley, Gervais, Henderson and Zitkus just to name a few. As a foundational element of SCCA from the beginning of the Club to now, recognizing and acknowledging those from the Community that were key in shaping the SCCA is an important way to assure the continuation of the sport by reminding everyone of the role Rally and its most devote advocates have played in the development of our Club. While the list of Rally members in the Hall of Fame is impressive, it is by no means complete, so that is where the collective memory of the Rally Community comes into play.

The How – Please note that I began this note by writing that members submit those nominations, as there is sometimes the belief that “they” handle this and make the final decisions on the Inductees. I am not exactly sure who comes to mind when referring to “them” or “they”, but the process that leads to the Induction of SCCA members into the Hall of Fame begins and ends with your fellow members and You. This is the “how” you can have a role in the process.


2012 SCCA Hall of Fame Inductee Gene Henderson

Nominations are received from members and then two member committees, the Nomination and Selection Committees, whittle those initial nominations down to the final five Inductees for that year. While the National Office has a small role in this process, it is insignificant compared to the role that the membership has in deciding which SCCA members are inducted. Therefore, I would implore each of you to stroll through your Rally memories and think of those members that have had a significant impact on the sport and the Club through long term service of note, the development and implementation of an important concept/program, outstanding competition accomplishments that brought some notoriety to the Club, or some combination of these. Not only will you enjoy the trip down memory lane, you may be able to play a part in the SCCA National Hall of Fame properly recognizing the place Rally has in our Club’s heritage.

We look forward to seeing your Road Rally submissions, by October 15th at

Thanks for being involved in this important Club project.



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