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WI: March Muddy Waters Road Rally

By on February 24, 2017

The Twin Cities Rally Club, LLC’s  March Muddy Waters is a map based pre-plot road rally. What that means is we give you instructions and you plot them on the provided map. You will be plotting the shortest course consistent with the clues. You then follow the map to each checkpoint. The course uses all paved roads and is less than 100 miles. This is a timed (TSD) rally, not a gimmick or GTA.

Registration 11-12:30, from Paddy Ryan’s in Hudson, WI.

First Car Out 1:00 PM

Ends at the Valley. Excellent Chicken feed while you await the scores.

Snippets from the Regulations: Determining the course, Map

The course is determined by plotting the course on the map provided. Unless otherwise stated each Route Card should be plotted using only the given information and in the order given, implied or necessary, to solve the Route Card. The shortest route consistent with this information should be plotted between each Route Card’s Start and Finish. Route Cards are designed to be stand alone, i.e. you must plot any of them independently without needing to solve neighboring ones first.

For more information, see the event listing on the Road Rally eNews Calendar

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