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Hibernation is Over in Alaska – It is Time to Road Rally!

By on December 31, 2012

Sure, we can Road Rally all year long, yet we Rallymasters do need some time to recharge our batteries and let our minds conjure up our more creative means to lead you astray — from your busy lives of work and other forms of recreation that keep you from Road Rally!

As many of you know, I’ve been around motorsports seemingly my entire life thus far. While we’ve had calendars, the ‘ol desktop publishing newsletters, pdf-news and online calendars, I’ve used some of my winter hibernation efforts to go a bit further with my calendar for 2013.

I hope you like my ComeRoadRallyWith.Us websites’ creation of a Road Rally Calendar to help you plan your 2013 travel and activities around the important Road Rally dates!

Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn

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