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Greetings Fellow Road Rally Enthusiasts

By on December 8, 2012

I was in high school. I was told “you’ll be going” by my parents. Whether I was to have a good time or not was up to me. In 2013, I celebrate my 40th year in the motorsport known as Road Rally. It has brought me friendships that shall last my lifetime, taken me on adventures across the United States — from Alaska to Wisconsin, Michigan and the backroads of New England.

Never content with getting the word out about my chosen motorsport, I started Rally Productions in 1986 to keep the sport alive in Alaska, and along with that the Alaska RACE News to get the word out about rallying, autocross, and the various forms of motor racing here in Alaska.

After founding the Arctic Alaska Region of the Sports Car Club of America to have a home for Road Rally in Alaska, I chose to be quite involved with all of the sanctioned programs SCCA had to offer, yet Road Rally stayed at the forefront.

Now, given the new technologies to reach more enthusiasts with less costs — certainly not less efforts — we have www.ComeRoadRallyWith.Us! While we don’t know where it will go, we do know that we wanted to have a calendar for all events. We want fellow enthusiasts to find the next Road Rally for them to enter…whether just around the corner or across the country!

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