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ComeRoadRallyWith.US Starts Spreading the News

By on July 25, 2013

We’ve just posted over at the Facebook page for the SCCA Road Rally Board and encouraged the rally readership there to Come Join Us — checkout the website after it’s first major revision from our initial March launch, join our Facebook page at Road Rally eNews which is now posting Events, and to subscribe to our ComeRoadRallyWith.Us calendar on phones, computers, iPads and other devices.

Through our ComeRoadRallyWith.US website you can checkout our new Twitter feed, LIKE our Facebook page, and most importantly — learn of upcoming events. We continue to encourage the support of the SCCA Road Rally Board to advise us of known events, we’re working with Deena at the National Office to get a system in place for SCCA sanctions, and many requests have gone out to  seek other North American Road Rally events for our calendaring! We already have a few events into 2014.

No, I never saw this as being an overnight success, yet the goal remains to build a community of Road Rally enthusiasts, those on the fringe, those who are geeks and those who take in a few events a year!  For me, this is my fortieth-year in the sport and I still have a passion for it — I hope you will chose join us for the journey!

Safe travels,

Cheryl Lynn aka Rallygoddess

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