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Road Rally Results

By on January 15, 2014

We have been wanting to get results posted monthly for those Rallymasters who support our efforts at ComeRoadRallyWith.Us, yet deciding the best format has been challenging! 

There is not a consistency with formatting of names and format (.xls, .doc and .pdf), yet starting with this January issue we’re just going to go for it and we’ll see the feedback that comes from our readers.
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Submitted by Bruce Gezon
An unexpected snow storm really curtailed the walk-in and other entries for 2013 Toys for Tots Charity Rally, yet the event contributed almost a full box of toys and $220. Although this was a poker rally it was also a standard GTA with course-following based on the elusive Pennsylvania white cats.
     The more white cats you saw the more cards you received for your poker hand while at the same time encountering on course controls for a better score. The winners missed three white cats. Guess they were hard to see with all the snow? 🙂
Two pair won the poker rallye (Kings & Queens).

To follow the unique rally course, at each intersection apply only one of the following in alphabetical order of priority:

  • a. Execute an emergency instruction.
  • b. Turn on a road identified by a WHITE CAT
  •     (see Glossary)
  • c. Execute a numbered route instruction.
  • d. Follow the Principal Road.
WHITE CAT:  A road designation sign containing the letters “C”, “A”, and “T” whose written matter is lighter than the background.

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