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By on October 18, 2017

Time-Speed-Distance Rallies: A different kind of car race



It was a 2009 “Cash for Clunkers” trade-in—an old, Dodge Caravan for a brand new, sporty Mini Cooper—that brought Clarence Westberg back to an old love.

Rallying, his sport of choice, takes place on scenic backroads, behind the wheel of a car. Unlike in other motorsports though, when you get down to it, the Caravan may have served him just fine. The point of “time-speed-distance” (TSD) rallies is precision. Named for a simple math equation (time = distance/speed), the quirky pastime is unlike more commonly-known performance or stage rallies, where roads are closed and tricked out Audis, Subarus, and Fords get air as they careen through back roads.

“It’s like a bus route; the goal is to be at certain places at different times,” explains Westberg. “The point is to stay on time and stay on course. But more than that, it’s to have fun and enjoy your car on country roads with elevation changes and turns and great views. Yeah, we’re basically weird people who love motorsports but can’t afford to go racing.”

Westberg is president of the Twin Cities Rally Club and has been into the sport since 1970, save for the hiatus he took when his kids were growing up and spare time was filled with hockey practices. He even met his wife rallying, and they went on to win a national husband-wife team championship. Now the Bloomington-based software developer is at the helm of a small but die-hard group of rally enthusiasts, planning a handful of TSD events a year. There are 30 or so drivers in the Twin Cities club, with others like them scattered around the country.

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